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Iowa City doctor to make fourth attempt to scale Mount Everest

This story published online by The Associated Press

January 1, 2005 - Emergency room physician Chuck Huss says he'll make a fourth attempt to scale Mount Everest.

Huss, 55, said he will be among a group of five Americans to try to reach 29,035 peak of Everest beginning in April.

"Everest is well known, and to me this is a personal battle I have with the mountain," Huss said. "I've engaged it three times, and the mountain has won all three times."

Huss, who works at Mercy Iowa City, will serve as the team's doctor.

He said the group he will climb with has come together in the past three months. They include his longtime friend and climbing partner Dan Smith of Salt Lake City; professional mountain guide Rob Chang of San Jose, Calif.; paralegal John Gray, also of San Jose, Calif.; and Will Cross, a high school principal from Pittsburgh who is attempting to be the first type 1 diabetic to reach the summit.

The group will be climbing with Apa Sherpa, a friend of Huss' who has been with him on several expeditions and has reached the summit a world record 14 times.

"If anybody can get us to the top, it's Apa," Huss said. "He's a great climber and just a great person."