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Tooth Brush Drive

High in the Himalaya resides the Sherpa capital of Nepal, Namche Bazaar. Known as the main step off point to the doorstep of Mount Everest, Namche is also home to the Namche Dental Clinic.

At 11,500 feet, it is the world's highest dental clinic. Dental therapists Nawang and Mingma repair teeth, give fluoride treatments and travel to schools in the area to teach dental hygiene.

Rob has known Nawang since 1997, meeting her after his ascents on Ama Dablam.

Every journey to Nepal, Rob seeks the donation of new, packaged toothbrushes from school children in numerous school districts in Northern California. His association to Bowditch Middle School in Peninsula Bay Area - has illustrated that small contributions can make big differences to people far away.

Our toothbrush drive is simple, you organize the collection of one or two, brand new toothbrushes from each student, still packaged - and the team will collect them and distribute them to the Namche Dental Clinic in Nepal when they trek through.

Clothing Drive

It's amazing to comprehend the amount of clothing that is thrown-away or donated every day in America. In our Clothing Drive Program, we accept the donation of new or used clothing that children and adults can utilize in Nepal.

We use this as packing material for our equipment and then distribute to those in need once we are in the country of our treks and climbs.

You can organize a clothing drive with your neighbors, friends, family or classmates.

We accept the following clothing items:

  1. rain/wind-proof jackets/pants
  2. fleece, pile, synthetic, down, outdoor type tops, jackets and pants
  3. ski type gloves/hats
  4. blue jeans, cotton and synthetic sweatshirts

We DO NOT accept:

  1. foot wear of any kind
  2. underwear type pieces of clothing

A few guidelines for donated items are:

  1. Items should be clean and laundered before donated
  2. Items should not be ripped, torn or have holes in them
  3. Items should be in good, usable condition with working zippers (if it has zippers)

Please contact us at or 408-313-1254 if you have donations or any questions pertaining to Community Program contributions.