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Team Bios

Robert Chang - Project Director, Climber

Rob, 36, has been climbing since 1987 and is a professional mountain guide and public speaker in California. He has climbed in Peru, Argentina/Chile, Mexico, Canada and extensively in the United States, Alaska and has over 1600 days in the field. He has been on 5 expeditions to the Nepal HImalaya that include Mount Everest, Ama Dablam, Imja Tse and Lobuche East and has over 200+ days above 16,000 feet. He enjoys all disciplines of climbing from frozen waterfalls, to the big walls in Yosemite, to the cozy confines of an indoor rock gym. Rob worked in the outdoor industry with over 10 years with Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI). On his off time, Rob enjoys horseback riding, the beach, reading, cooking fine foods with friends and spending time with his niece and nephews.

Apa Sherpa - Climbing Sirdar

Apa, of Thame of the Solu Khumbu region of the Himalaya is known as "Mr. Everest". He currently holds the world record of 15 summits to the top of Mount Everest and he is a very important part of our team. When he is not climbing, he enjoys gardening and being with his wife, Yangi and his family. His unassuming demeanor and his vast amount of experience lends to a great component to making the climb a success. Chuck Huss, Rob Chang and Dan Smith have climbed previously with Apa on Mount Everest and all consider him to be a great friend.

Chuck Huss - Team Doctor, Climber

Chuck, 55, is an emergency physician from Iowa City, Iowa. As a veteran high altitude climber he has logged some 21 climbs above 20,000 ft. This will be sixth Himalayan climb and fifth 8,000 meter expedition. He has participated in 39 international climbs, summited 400 peaks worldwide, reached the highest peak in 14 countries, and recently completed ascending the highest 100 peaks in Colorado. He has served as expedtiion and trek leader, and team physician for countless climbs and served as station physician at South Pole Station Antarctica. Successful summits include Denali, Aconcagua, Mt Cook, Mt Logan, Huascaran, Ojos del Salado, Sajama, Llullaillaco, Illimani, Chimborazo, Cotopoxi, Pik Kommunizma, Licancbur, Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Pico Bolivar, Cerro Pissis, Island Peak, Parinacota, Korona, Mt Athabaska, Mt Egmont, Grand Teton and Devils Tower. His lifelong commitment as a healthcare provider and integral knowledge with cancer as a doctor forges his attachement to CFAC's goals.

Daniel Smith - Climber, Photographer

Daniel, 44, lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and is a geographic information systems programmer working for the Department of Natural Resources. He also has 25 years working experience as an instructor/guide for the University of Utah, Natural Resources Learning Program and works part-time at REI as a sales specialist. Dan has climbed in Tetons, Wind River Range, Canada, Colorado, Russia, Chile, Venezuela, China, Peru, Argentina, Alaska, Nepal, and Bolivia. With his 15 years of high altitude mountaineering experience his has attempted mountains over 16,000 feet 19 times with 15 summits to his credit. Other interests include photography, biking, skiing and canyoneering. His commitment to CFAC's cancer awareness goals are forged by his father's passing due to complications associated with prostate cancer.

John Gray - Climber, Videographer

John, 36, has been climbing since 1998. He has climbed various peaks in the western US including Denali, Mt. Shasta, Rainier, Whitney, Sill and Polemonium Peak. He was a climbing team member with CFAC in 2003 on Imja Tse and Lobuche East. John also enjoys cycling, mountain bike racing, rowing, reading non-fiction and working on bikes and Vanagons. He resides in the South Bay and has a backround in paralegal services.

Paula Stout - Base Camp Manager, Team Biographer

Paula Stout arrives at Everest Base Camp after a lifetime spent on airplanes and in politics-working on the advance team for the White House and being spokesperson for the RFK Memorial. Paula has over 15 years of communication and marketing experience, including ghostwriting three best selling books and, most recently, directing communications and marketing for SAP, the world's largest enterprise software company. An avid snowboarder, hiker and mountaineer, she has now left politics and corporate life behind her to focus on her great love of adventure and encouraging other women to get moving in the outdoors. She joins ECFACE 2005 in memory of her grandmother who died of breast cancer and her mother and cousins who, thanks to early detection and good lifestyle choices, have survived it.